Cast Tour 2017

2017 Tour

Satur Diman Cha, Head of State and General of the Armies of the United People’s Republic of Circassia, called the Dictator:
John Malkovich

Caroline Thomas, attractive and successful journalist in her early forties, chief interviewer for CCN-TV:
Sophie von Kessel

Reverend Lee Dunklewood, field chaplain, organist:
Martin Haselböck

Lieutenant Alexander Vronsky, called Alex:
Errol T. Harewood

Vincent Schluszman, photographer, cameraman:
Felix Dennhardt

Joseph Sokol, soldier:
Josef Rabitsch

Neil Forrester, soldier:
Valentin Ledebur

Franz Danksagmüller


Crew behind the scenes

Production Coordination: Linda Wiesinger
Production Assistant: Felix Dennhardt
Production Runner: Josef Rabitsch
Sound Assistant: Valentin Ledebur
Sound Preproduction: Martin Repka
Sound Engineer: Christoph Hofer
Light Design: Marcus Loran
Assistant Director: Andrea Klien
Chief Officer Finance: Oliver Testor
Videoartist/ Scenography Assistant: Paul Sturminger
Scenography Assistant: Attila Plangger
Costume / Make-up Assistant: Marie Sturminger
Dramaturgical Assistant: Martina Theissl
Production / Costume Design: Renate Martin / Andreas Donhauser
Musical Sound Design: Franz Danksagmüller
Music Director / Producer: Martin Haselböck
Director / Producer: Michael Sturminger